Friday, July 31, 2009

Precautions to Pevent Identity Fraud and Theft

These are Some Precautions You should take to Escape From Identity Fraud and Theft

1. Safeguard your information and monitor your credit reports often.

2. If you are selling an item and someone will only pay by check, it is probably a scam. The check will appear to "clear" in a short time, but it may take a few weeks for the bank to find out the check is actually fake.

3.Do not accept pre-printed shipping labels from people attempting to purchase goods from you. They may be using a fraudulent shipping account like the one opened in my name. Shippers can re-route packages in mid-stream and the goods get sent anywhere they choose. The person you think you are selling the item to has likely had their identity stolen.

4. Avoid job postings where it appears you will be working for someone overseas that you have never met, such as selling items on ebay or paying US "customers."

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